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Can Others Learn Anything From The Profitable On-Line Enterprises Already Making Billions? The answers are nearly idiot proof... almost too obvious.

How do some Web Sites make obscene amounts of money while others are barely noticed? Is it just the giant firms with well-established turf and tons of money to pour into marketing? No! Its not! Becoming competitive and staying profitable in this new Internet environment is proving to be due to shrewd, skilled Internet strategic planning gurus who are developing new progressive trade practices and utilizing cutting edge technologies.


The graph shows the averaged growth in sales and profits of a cross section of small businesses in five different industry groups. They are succeeding because of dynamic Internet integration, which is the basis of the programs, offered by GM&C. Newspaper and Magazine ads, radio, TV and other print media ads have never produced this type of growth and success this fast. (Updated February 28, `99 from actual sales and P & L's)

Millions - are being made by small companies like yours
  The reasons why appear to be obvious. Its optimism and willingness to innovate -yes ...but its also the Right Internet Strategies, driving the Right Hits and using Powerful Tools to ride the up trend in web browsing. The notable failures are those who thought they could do it themselves or pay for a slick web site and operate with slightly modified tired old strategies.
ven if you havent yet made it a daily habit to log onto the internet, your friends, neighbors, children, business associates, customers, clients, patients and prospects have.    Like it or not an every day millions of people are using the Internet to find what they want and need. These numbers are increasing by thousands every day. The list includes food, travel, autos, research, legal advice and representation, entertainment, love and companionship, jobs, medical advice, clothing, discounts, homes, rentals, hospitality, equipment, supplies, and your products and services.The list gets larger by the hour.
Striking It Rich

What are the differences that separate those who are raking in the green stuff from those who are not? Small and large businesses and professional firms strike it rich with a balance of progressive strategies and linked integrated  new technologies.
So how is it done?
Surprisingly, it can be done for very little money.  Obviously, at first glance some products and services seem less likely to create huge revenue but you would be surprised! Look at what (and Starbucks, Pet Rocks, etc) did with just plain books even though books are already readily available everywhere.Their revenue alone exceeds the gross national product of many countries. You have three voices in your head that you must first defeat. One voice says, Yeah, but... The other voice says, Im smart enough to do this myself when I get the time. The third voice says, All I need is to get the web site. I (we) can

figure out all the rest."The next task is to make a commitment to do it right. The rules have changed and will never be the same again! The best tricks, trade secrets, new strategies, software and technology combinations cant be read in a book.The books are still being written at this moment. Your staff, your wife, your husband or your friend does not have the answers. Its a 24hrs and 7 days per week religion just to keep up with the speed of change and development of the Internet. Let us help and have expectations for a large success. We eat, drink, breathe, sleep, dream and devour this stuff!
Surprisingly, as our Internet customer, you get most of what we have discussed free of charge. We also provide you with dial-up Internet access, free email addresses, Functionally Dynamic web site design, web site hosting on our servers,
equipment sales and set-up (including DSL, ISDN and frame relays) for your own equipment site and full on-line transaction and electronic commerce development. We are the leading Internet Service Provider rated by the services actually provided.

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Developing Loyal Customers on the Net
The availability and speed of the Net is allowing organizations to enter new markets and to give customers convenience and choices where they are in control. It has become even more important to know the best methods to integrate on-line marketing with sales, service and customer retention.
  Right up front, you must design features into your web site to accommodate rapid growth through scalability and reliability of performance.
It is normally possible to design your existing assets and systems to integrate with new programs to allow for rapid set up and no interruption in your current business processes.
  A good Internet business development design will accommodate change and will adapt to shifts in your market demand, your new products, your new services and unexpected future events impacting your organization.
  It is important to screw our head in straight at the start. There is a lot more to designing your web site than pretty pictures and inventory, text and an order form.
  At GM&C we consider this type of planning and strategic integration into your current and future operations a basic part of our service to you.
  The strategies to develop loyal customers on the Net must extend into the planning of your On-Line Selling and Marketing and Customer Self-Service and Customer Assisted Service designs.
  You do not want to learn the rules of the game as youre playing it. Net customers only have to give you one chance to perform and to respond fast with the service and quality they want. Your competitor may be half-way around the world or around the block but to your customer they are merely a click away.
  It pays to remember that the Interet is the most cost-effective worldwide marketing method to -date.It makes your organization or business more accessible than any time before. Customers expect to find complete up-to-date information about your products and services at their convenience.
  If your web page and strategies are created right you will keep up with this fast paced environment.
  You will have the ability to be truly international or to specify the regions that you serve.
  Ask me how to make revenue even from business you dont handle.

  Al Sheppard



Cost to you $:

True Market $ Value:

GM&C will register your web site name (URL) for you



GM&C will host your web site (web pages) on our top of the line servers.

$60.00 per year


The biggest plus factor is that your primary contact will be someone who has  Real Business Knowledge and the Ability to help you Truly put Your Business on the Net and to translate Your Goals into Reality and Success -not just a developer who designs pretty pictures and systems.



GM&C will train you and your staff on How to Successfully market over the Internet with add-on options of electronic commerce, on-line and off-line PR and Media Blitz and Strategic Support
We provide regular monthly updates and follow up training or consultation for 18 months.



GM&C will train you and your staff on Internet Customer Service."So you don't become a victim of your own success!" You will only get one chance to show good customer service when prospects respond to your site. We will help you avoid the pitfalls.



GM&C will train you and your staff and help you to set up transaction security. I cannot emphasize this one enough. Know the facts of liability and risks and make use of Internet security developments.



GM&C will CUSTOM design your website with dynamic fully professional web programming languages, including Cold fusion, Advanced HTML, PHP, JAVA Script, JAVA, CGI/Perl, SQL, Access, Oracle platform, ASP and other advanced professional programs.. The design program depends on your specific website goals.

per page

$50-$350 per page

GM&C will change or update your Web site regularly, adding new text, dynamic graphics and photos at your request to keep it fresh and up-to-date.



GM&C will provide you with real time tracking and reports of who is browsing your Web site and how to do follow up Marketing to them.



GM&C will submit your Web Site to top Search Engines so the world can find you when they are browsing for your key words and phrases, your topics and domain name.



Why??? Because we succeed by helping you to succeed.!
You can still get “Grandfathered”onto the Internet in your specific specialty… before it's too late!
Put "Your Own Organization"on the Internet!

Why just surf the Net when you can be on the Internet Isn't It Time You Got Up With The Times?
…and put the latest tools to use to modernize your approach to doing business?


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